With Nanomass we are sure to provide you with an exceptional protection liquid, which makes the screen of all your devices scratch-proof and broken, but we want to give you an extra service for your complete peace of mind!

With nCare you have a professional and fast service at your disposal to repair the screen of your device in case of accidental breakage!

nCare is the technical assistance service that covers a single repair, following accidental damage that has caused the breakage of the screen treated with LIQUID NANOMASS PROTECTION. 

nCare is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase of the service, for a maximum of € 350. of coverage of the repair expense.

How to buy nCare

You can buy nCare right away, together with the "Nanomass Monodose Smartphone Liquid" or "Nanomass Monodose Tablet and Duplex Smartphone" at just € 5.00 more on the price of the package, directly on the website www.nanomass.com, and get a technical repair service for a ceiling of € 50.00. Or you can decide to buy the service later (no later than 7 days from the date of purchase of liquid Nanomass) starting from € 9.90 against a ceiling of € 50.00, following the simple instructions you will find on the card inserted in the packaging of the liquid you bought. In both cases, to activate the service you will have to register on the App nCare, using the codes on the card. 

How to activate nCare

Simply download the nCARE App on the Apple Store or on Google Play, register and enter the codes you will find on the postcard to activate the service.

After registration, you will receive an email or a message on the app confirming the TECHNICAL SERVICE EXTENSION.

What to do in case of breakage

In the event of a broken display, you must contact us directly at info@nanomass.com or fabio.fantuzzi@nanomass.com

Subsequently, our courier will take care of the pick-up of your device. 

We will verify that the Nanomass liquid has been applied to the device and, if the repair price exceeds the ceiling, we will send you the estimate with the difference to be paid. You can pay the difference on the app or get the unrepaired device back. If your appliance is covered by a guarantee from the parent company, it will be repaired in an authorized center. The devices not covered by the guarantee of the parent company will be repaired in a center of our trust, guaranteeing you a proper repair. Your device will be returned to your home within a maximum time of 3 weeks.

How much does nCare cost?

Depending on your needs, you can choose from different coverage options. If you purchase nCare together with the product, the prices of technical assistance are:

  • nCare € 50, INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE FROM € 24.90 and € 29.90€;
  • nCare € 100, for € 14.90 incl. VAT;
  • nCare € 150, for € 19.90 incl. VAT;
  • nCare € 250, for € 29.90 incl. VAT;
  • nCare € 350, for € 39.90 incl. VAT.

If purchased separately (within 7 days from the purchase and application of Nanomass):

  • nCare € 50, for € 9.90 incl. VAT;
  • nCare € 100, for € 19.90 incl. VAT;
  • nCare € 150, for € 24.90 incl. VAT;
  • nCare € 250, for € 34.90 incl. VAT;
  • nCare € 350, for € 49.90 incl. VAT.

We remind you that the nCare technical assistance service for accidental damage is subject to the purchase and correct application of the "Nanomass Protection Liquid" on your device.

We also remind you that it will not be possible to apply the technical service in the following cases:

  • Failure to activate "nCARE" within the established terms (7 days from the date of purchase).
  • Freshmen devices not registered in activation;
  • Devices on which NANOMASS has not been applied
  • Products damaged by negligence or for facts attributable to customers and / or unauthorized third parties
  • Products not included in the following product categories: Telephony, IT, Audio Video, Fitness, Photography and Multimedia

Here you can read the complete rules of nCare:


nCARE is the technical assistance service aimed at a single repair for accidental damage that causes the breakage of the product screen, previously treated with LIQUIDO NANOMASS PROTECTION, and the extension of the technical service is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase of this certificate.

In the event that the device has not been previously treated with LIQUID NANOMASS PROTECTION, and in the event of damage to the screen not considered accidental (excluding, therefore, damage of a malicious nature), the Customer service nCARE will inform the Customer that it will not be possible take advantage of the repair services and return the unrepaired product. E 'in any case excluded the technical assistance service for defects or defects covered by legal guarantee, damage to accessories, damage to the aesthetic parts that do not affect the functionality of the product, software damage, corrosion damage and / or oxidation, damage from use improper as intended by the manufacturer and damage due to wear.


nCARE must be activated by downloading the mobile APP "nCARE" in the manner contained therein no later than 7 days from the date of purchase of this certificate. By activating nCARE the Customer will be entitled to a technical assistance service, for a single repair of the screen only, within the limit of € 50.00. 


nCARE is aimed at a single repair for breaking the screen of the paired product, after the correct application of the LIQUID NANOMASS PROTECTION.

In case of accidental damage, nCARE will have the following starting date : .

- nCARE will start from the date of purchase of the certificate, for a maximum of 12 months or until the delivery of a single repair of the display of the paired product.

- To use the nCARE services, the certificate must be activated within 7 days from the date of purchase as reported in the previous paragraph "ACTIVATION".


The nCARE service will be provided by the Company S.p.A .. The repair will be possible for a single intervention within the validity of this certificate, and will not have a value higher than that provided by this certificate (equal to € 50.00).

All devices not previously treated with LIQUID NANOMASS PROTECTION and damages and failures not considered as accidental or those indicated in the previous paragraph "REGULATION" nCARE "shall be excluded from the service. Starting from the day following the activation of nCARE, the Customer, in If the screen breaks due to accidental damage, it may request the repair of the same without any cost up to the maximum repair value estimated by the Business Company SpA, of € 50.00 In the event that the repair cost is higher than € 50, 00 the nCare Customer service will propose a cost estimate for the repair, and, if this is not accepted, the product will be returned unrepaired.


In case of accidental damage to the device covered by the nCARE service, the Customer must connect to the website www.nanomass.com and / or www.nCare.it or send an e-mail to the following address: assistenza@ncare.it to communicate their data personal data and the details of the nCARE certificate; the customer service will check the correct registration of the device and inform the customer of the procedures and terms for any repair of the product.


For the transport of the product (pick-up and return), nCARE will provide the user with a dedicated logistics service that will take two working days to collect the damaged product. The cost of transport will be € 16.00 and will be charged to the user.